History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Monday, February 27, 2017

Prelude to 3AA play? MACA boys edged by Monte

Montevideo 58, Tigers 55
MACA may not be done with the Thunder Hawks of Montevideo this season. Twice the teams have met and it was anyone's ballgame. The Tigers and T-Hawks battled into triple overtime once. We took that contest. Then on February 23 (Thursday), another game with a close complexion developed.
We had our home fans hopeful in the first half. We led 26-23 at halftime but would not seal the deal. Monte found the tools to surpass us in second half play. Those T-Hawks had a 35-29 advantage in the second half, which lifted them past our Tigers and deflated our home gym crowd. Monte won the ballgame 58-55.
But wait, a third matchup could be in the cards. We're both in Section 3AA. It would be nice this season to see MACA boys hoops exceed post-season expectations. That has not been the norm. But hey, a new "March Madness" chapter will be opening up soon.
We had a chance to tie the February 23 game at the end of regulation. However, a three-point try that would have knotted the score was a no-go. The shot deflected off the front rim.
Hats off to T-Hawk Travis Dreyer who was at the fore of his team's offense: 17 points. There were four T-Hawks in the double figures scoring circle - quite the balanced attack. Hats off to Isaac Douglas with 13 points, Andrew Sweeney with 12 and Riley Emery with ten. Isaac Hoogeveen put in four points and Henry Strunc two. Dreyer attacked the boards to collect eleven rebounds while Sweeney had nine. Derek Kilibarda stoked the offense with his four assists, and Dreyer had four steals.
On to the MACA Tiger data: here it was Jaret Johnson making noise with his 15 points. Then came Tate Nelson with his 12 and Tim Travis with ten. The rest of the list: Lukus Manska 7, Jacob Zosel 5, Camden Arndt 4 and Kyle Staebler 2. Three Tigers each made one 3-point shot: Nelson, Johnson and Manska. Travis with his six rebounds led there. Zosel with his six assists topped that category. Johnson stole the ball twice.
The MACA boys will debut in Section 3 play on Saturday, March 4, at home against the YME Sting.
Girls: Tigers 56, Benson 34
Benson hasn't mounted much of a challenge vs. MACA girls basketball in recent memory. Sometimes these patterns drag on a while. We saw a continuation of the norm on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the local gym. We took it to the Braves by a score of 56-34, Hey, the win pushed our win skein to seven!
We owned the game in the first half, drawing considerable cheers from the home crowd with a 28-9 scoring advantage. A fairly close second half developed in which our Tigers cruised. We cruised to our 16th win of the season with a final score of 56-34. We came out of the win at 16-9 while Benson was left at 0-23.
Don't worry, Braves fans, better times will come.
Each team had a leading scorer with 14 points. For MACA it was Ashley Solvie, while Danielle Himley set the pace for Benson. But Ashley had much more of a supporting cast. Correy Hickman scored 12 points. She was one of three Tigers each making a three-point shot. She was joined by Maddie Carrington and Riley Decker. Carrington's point output was nine. Then it was Nicole Solvie with eight points followed by Decker with seven. Jenna Howden, Jen Solvie and Malory Anderson each added two points to the mix.
So, there are three Solvies? Keep your program handy. It was Ashley Solvie setting the pace in rebounds with nine. Howden collected six rebounds. Hickman led in assists with five and co-led in steals with four. She co-led with Nicole Solvie.
was followed by these Braves on their scoring list: Amanda Nissen 11, Presley Gonnerman 4, Megan Amundson 2, Grace Lee 2 and Claire Ricard 1. Himley and Nissen each made a three-point shot. Nissen was team-high in rebounds with five followed by Courtney McNeill with four. Amundson produced three assists. Three Braves each had one steal: Himley, Gonnerman and Ricard.
I repeat: Better times will come for those Braves of Benson. We've had a nice partnership in hockey.
The Camden Arndt show
The Tigers and Knights took centerstage for hoops action, both boys and girls, on Monday, Feb. 20. Our orange and black Tigers prevailed in both contests in front of appreciative home fans. The boys game had a 71-50 final score.
Oh my, Camden Arndt was most certainly "in the zone." He missed only one shot from the field and scored 26 points. He was three-for-three in his three-point shooting! We owned this game at halftime with a fine 42-28 lead. This was our 13th win of the season against ten losses. It's nice to elevate a little over .500 with the post-season so near. The Knights of WCA came out of this game at .500 with 10-10 numbers.
Manska joined Arndt to form a 1-2 punch. Manska's point total: 17. Tate Nelson and Jacob Zosel each scored eight points. Also scoring: Connor Koebernick 5, Andrew Anderson 3, Tim Travis 2 and Jaret Johnson 2. Arndt was part of a most potent long-range shooting attack. Zosel like Arndt made three long-rangers. Nelson and Manska each made two 3's. Koebernick sank a long-ranger.
led in rebounds with six and in assists with four. Nelson with his three steals led there.
Girls: Tigers 69, West Central Area 49
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls took care of business on that day of competition vs. the West Central Area Knights. It was a nice tune-up game for the post-season.
High School is in Barrett which is the temporary home of yours truly. Mom and I are at the very nice Barrett Care Center. while Mom makes a recovery from health issues.
The MACA girls took care of business with a 69-49 final score. We picked up steam as this game went on as we outscored WCA 39-24 in the second half. We got our 15th win of the season. We were assigned the No. 3 seed for the post-season (North sub-section).
Ashley Solvie put on a show with her talents just like Camden Arndt did for the boys. Ashley poured in 24 points. You might say that Correy Hickman put on a show too, as this Tiger's point output was 22. Indeed, a 1-2 punch just like with Arndt and Manska.
Malory Anderson contributed seven points and Nicole Solvie had six. We wrap up the list with Jenna Howden 4, Maddie Carrington 3, Riley Decker 2 and Jen Solvie 1. The amazing Solvies contribute quite a bit.
Ashley Solvie led in rebounds with eight while Hickman had six. Hickman made a three-pointer and led in assists with six. Nicole Solvie was tops in steals with five while Hickman had four and Decker supplied two.
I'm still a little active
Yes, I announced on my primary website, "I Love Morris," that I'm in hiatus from this activity while all our stuff is going on. I have been able to shoehorn in a little time for writing, so today I'm sharing a little on one of my favorite subjects: MACA basketball. I'm in Morris right now for a quick visit back, then it'll be back to (Knight country of) Barrett this evening! Good luck to all.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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