History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MBA hockey shines on Worthington ice

MBA hockey got an infusion of optimism on February 4 with wins by both the boys and girls over Worthington. The score was the same in both games: 3-0. The MBA skaters made the trip to southern Minnesota.
The boys got their first win of the season by scoring one goal in the second period and two in the third. Our defense with Tony Bruns in goal slammed the door on Worthington. Dylan DeToy achieved our first goal, of the power play kind, at 4:05 of the second period. Shaun Aarhus assisted. DeToy put us up 2-0 with a goal at 2:22 of the third. Then it was Aarhus putting the puck in the net at 8:15, assisted by Kolby Goff.
Bruns racked up 25 saves in goal. His rival was Carter Ponto whose save total was 20.
The Morris Benson Area girls team dominated the second period en route to their win. All three of our goals came in the second, starting with Rachel Berens getting the puck in the net at 2:41. Megan Kirkeide and Nicole Berens assisted. It was Hallie Watzke scoring at 3:09 with an assist from Taryn Picht. We wrapped up our scoring with a Leah Thompson goal at 7:09. Watzke assisted.
Our winning goaltender was Abbey Hoffman with a save total of ten. Bailey Kruse achieved 32 saves as the Worthington goalie.
Coach Abby Daly was quoted in the media: "The girls played a good first and third periods but their second period performance is what took them to the top. They all worked together as a team and got a lot of opportunities in front of the net. They capitalized in the second period but they just couldn't get it in the net during the first and third periods. Overall it was a great day."
Girls basketball: Litchfield 59, Tigers 53
Playing on the road was not a piece of cake for the MACA girls at Litchfield, home of the Dragons. Litch entered the night with ten wins and came out with eleven, as they bounded past our Tigers 59-53. The Dragons seized the advantage in the first half when they outscored the orange and black 28-14. We outscored the Dragons 39-31 in the second half.
With the loss we still had a record of just over .500.
Macy Huhner put in 20 points for the green-clad Dragons. Savanna Peter was second-best in scoring with ten points. Kyndra Beavers and Hallie Euerle each put in seven points. The list continues: Brynne Wahl (6), Sydney McCann (4), Laney Huhner (3) and Maddy Shoultz (2). Macy Huhner was dead-on from three-point range three times. These three Dragons each connected once from three-point range: Laney Huhner, Wahl and Euerle.
and Pater each collected seven rebounds. Wahl and Euerle each performed three assists. Beavers was the top Dragon in steals with three.
Two Tigers stood out on our scoring list: Ashley Solvie with 18 points and Correy Hickman with 14. Hickman made two 3-point shots. Maddie Carrington, Malory Anderson and Riley Decker each made one shot from three-point land. Nicole Solvie scored six points. Carrington and Anderson each scored five. Decker posted three points and Jenna Howden scored two.
A suspicious Super Bowl
The 2017 Super Bowl could not have been scripted better. And that's the whole problem. I would never suggest that this showcase would be "scripted." It's not like pro wrestling. But in a sense it may be. My theory is that the embattled NFL absolutely must have a game with some drama. A ton of money is poured into this thing. Money can cause all sorts of lines to be crossed.
So my theory is this: whichever team is leading at any point in the game, adopts a style of defense that might open the door for the trailing team to close the gap. Atlanta's collapse was too sudden and extreme to seem believable. Reality TV shows are scripted, right?
I don't care that much either way. Football is under siege as a sport, deservedly so. The head injury issue should influence all of us to turn away, the sooner the better. We'll never miss this "drug" known as NFL football. Getting along without football will be easier than we now suspect. I have discovered that.
The University of Minnesota has succumbed to the siren song of football's appeal, permitting an obscene amount of financial largesse in its athletic department. How ridiculous. Wake up and smell the roses.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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