History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Austin VerSteeg's '3' wins for Minnewaska over Tigers

Minnewaska Area 47, Tigers 46
The Tigers' home game against Minnewaska Area last Thursday (2/11) had a dramatic ending. It was not the kind of ending that had the home fans standing up and cheering. No, it was the Minnewaska Area fans who whooped when their Austin VerSteeg connected on a fadeaway '3'. The time remaining: nine seconds. It was the game-winner.
The Lakers came away with a 47-46 win over our Tigers. The win for 'Waska was good therapy for them: they had been on a skid, losing five of six leading into the Thursday contest. The skid didn't hurt the Lakers' record much. They came out of Thursday with a 16-7 record (6-6 conference). Our Tigers stayed over .500 too at 13-10 (a sub-.500 mark in league at 6-7).
Eric Staebler did all he could trying to prod the Tigers to victory, as he made four 3-pointers - quite the exhibition. He was complemented by these three Tigers each of whom made one '3': Robert Rohloff, Jacob Zosel and Camden Arndt. Staebler topped the scoring list as he often does, this time with 22 points, the only Tiger in double figures. Cam Arndt put in nine points. Then we have Zosel (6), Tim Travis (4), Rohloff (3) and Philip Anderson (2).
Staebler led the rebounding effort with 13. Zosel had four assists and Rohloff had three. Arndt stole the ball twice. We trailed by one point at halftime, 19-18.
The winning 'Waska effort was paced by two Lakers each with 14 points: Matt McIver and Austin VerSteeg. Greg Helander scored eight points, then we have Brandon French (4), Michael Gruber (3), Justin Amundson (2) and Jake Peters (2). Gruber, McIver and VerSteeg each made a three-pointer. VerSteeg snared seven rebounds. McIver set the pace in assists (3), and it was VerSteeg topping the steal effort with three. (I always wonder if there should be a space between "Ver" and "Steeg." I've seen it both ways.)
Breckenridge 74, Tigers 72
Another hard-fought game developed for Morris Area Chokio Alberta on Saturday, as they continued a pattern of playing on Saturday often this season. I'm not sure I like it. The frequent games seem to turn into a blur sometimes. On Saturday, Feb. 13, the Tigers dropped another close one. A fine Breckenridge team got its 14th win by a margin of two over our orange and black. The final horn sounded with the score 74-72. The score was deadlocked 32-32 halfway through this non-conference affair.
Breck was a prime district-level rival of our Tigers in my youth. We'd get irritated by that "green" color!
Eric Staebler kept demonstrating what an offensive force he can be. He poured in 25 points but it wasn't quite enough. Camden Arndt was quite on the mark with his offensive execution. Camden's point total: 21. Philip Anderson climbed into double figures with his ten points. Jacob Zosel put in eight points, then we have Tim Travis (4), Connor Koebernick (2) and Lukus Manska (2). Oh, this game was played in Morris. Let's enliven an otherwise sleepy Saturday!
Staebler made ten of 14 field goal attempts. Arndt was seven of 13. Zosel made two 3-pointers. Arndt and Staebler each made one long-ranger. We were four of 16 in three-point shooting. In freethrows our numbers were 12 of 17.
It was Arndt topping the list in rebounds with eleven. Staebler and Travis each collected nine rebounds. The top assist producer was Zosel with eight, and Travis had five. Rohloff, Arndt, and Staebler each had one steal.
Morris newspaper under duress?
This past Saturday's Morris newspaper was 22 pages, two less than the usual. The surprising thing is that this edition included the two tax pages, so you'd think they could actually bump up the size of the paper. But no, it's shrinking evermore, steadily, and should we really be surprised? Coborn's left us several years ago. Morris Auto Plaza deserted us for Alexandria. Cullen's closed up shop here. And then another significant advertiser, Thrifty White Drug, basically deserted us, downsizing to a degree that it's a tiny shadow of its former self.
It seems Thrifty White Drug pulled the rug out from under this community. It left a void in our main street, to be sure. The old drugstores were places that attracted a good amount of people traffic - you'd bump into your neighbors there and say "hello." No, it's a wasteland now. We can all go to Alexandria to be around people, including former Morris residents.
Let's all support the ShopKo pharmacy. The Morris newspaper still has "ad salespeople?" What are they selling?
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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