History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Duel of QBs ends with Monte's Diggins on top

Montevideo 20, Tigers 13
MACA got off to an encouraging start but ended up on the short end Friday (10/9). Jacob Zosel put the Tigers up 6-0 with a 12-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. The score was 7-0 when Dylan Gillespie kicked the point-after. That was the only scoring of the first half in this game played at Montevideo.
The MACA defense looked imposing. But in the third quarter, the host Thunder Hawks began getting their offense untracked. Preston Herfurth broke loose on a 32-yard scoring run. The PAT try was no-go. The Tigers' Zosel answered with a two-yard run for six. The PAT kick try was unsuccessful. Herfurth made another scoring statement, this time as a pass-catcher. This T-Hawk caught a 15-yard scoring pass that had Troy Diggins throwing the ball. Hever Valenzuela kicked the point-after.
The regulation four quarters ended in a deadlock: 13-all. Overtime!
The T-Hawks were really going to have to earn their seventh win of the season. They survived and improved to 7-1. A one-yard dive play made the difference. The ball was clutched securely by quarterback Diggins.
Diggins had experienced some rough-going on this night, throwing two interceptions. He completed nine of 20 pass attempts for 107 yards. His QB counterpart for Morris Area Chokio Alberta, Trent Marty, had solid numbers: six of 15 for 119 yards and no interceptions.
Eric Staebler had four catches for 98 yards. It was Marty who made both of the interceptions when Diggins was throwing. The Tigers' running game had Zosel bulling forward for 148 yards on 31 carries of the football. Staebler punted the ball five times for 152 yards.
The tackle chart showed Philip Messner with six solo tackles and one assist. Taylor Staples matched those numbers. Brady Jergenson had five solos and one assist. Jergenson and Staebler each had a quarterback sack.
The top Thunder Hawk receivers were Herfurth (three catches, 44 yards) and Riley Emery (3-27). The T-Hawk running game was fueled by Reece Kuhlmann (20 carries, 88 yards), Herfurth (6-59) and Ethan Schmitt (4-26). Valenzuela punted the ball. Kuhlmann had seven solo tackles and five assists.
The overtime conclusion had the final score at 20-13.
Volleyball: Tigers 3, Montevideo 0
The MACA volleyball Tigers continued the stellar pattern with their play on Thursday evening, at Monte. Scores were 25-20, 25-23 and 25-16 as MACA swept.
The success upped our won-lost record to 18-2 overall. In conference play we're 9-2. Karly Fehr was the proficient setter as always, with 31 assists on this night. Lindsey Dierks and Riley Decker each had two serving aces. Brooke Gillespie, Fehr and Cassidy Fehr each had one ace.
Gillespie, Ashley Solvie and Carly Maanum each had an ace block. The digs list had Decker at the top with 20 followed by Gillespie (15), Dierks (10) and Fehr (7). Here we go with the hitting summary: Jenna Howden had eight kills followed by Gillespie (7), Solvie (7), Fehr (5), Dierks (5) and Maanum (4).
Abby Olson pounded 13 kills for the host T-Hawks. Plus she had two serving aces. The Sulflows were the set assist producers, Grace with 24 and Sarah with six. Alexis Schmitz was imposing at the net for the host, executing five ace blocks. Olivia Hagen had eight digs.
Viva Morris Area Chokio Alberta fall sports for 2015!
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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