History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Saturday, February 21, 2015

MACA girls defeat Montevideo, 'Waska & Paynesville

Tigers 53, Montevideo 36
The Morris Area gym was the place to be Friday night (2/20) as the MACA girls hosted Montevideo. Fans were treated to West Central Conference basketball. The game was close at halftime but not so close at the end. That was good news for the Tiger backers who exuded enthusiasm at the home gym.
MACA defeated the Thunder Hawks 53-36. Halftime had MACA inching away with a 24-21 lead. Coach Dale Henrich had his squad punch the accelerator down in the second half. Our advantage was by 29-15. The success upped our won-lost mark to 14-10 and to 10-3 in the conference.
Three-pointers were a prominent part of the Friday success. The Tigers were quite on the mark from beyond the arc. Becca Holland sank three 3-pointers. Correy Hickman had two long-range makes. Piper Gibson and Lauren Reimers each sank a shot from beyond the arc. 
Lacee Maanum topped the rebound list with nine. Tracy Meichsner snared six rebounds. Hickman and Meichsner each had four assists. Reimers had four steals followed by Hickman with three.
The MACA field goal shooting numbers were 20 of 54. In freethrows the stats were six of 15. Holland's long-range shooting helped put her on top of the scoring list, with 14 points. Reimers scored nine points, Maanum had seven and Hickman six. Moira McNally and Kayla Pring each put in four points. Gibson added three points to the mix, and these Tigers each scored two: Courtney Storck, Meichsner and Ashley Solvie.
Montevideo is having a sub-.500 season. They made just 12 of 48 field goal tries. Alexis Schmitz topped their scoring list with the modest total of ten. The list continues with Abby Olson (9), Morgan Reidinger (6), Erin Balken (4), Natalie Feldhake (3), Nikki Erickson (2) and Ashley McKee (2). Olson and Reidinger each made a three-pointer. Feldhake was the top Thunder Hawk rebounder with seven. Schmitz had four steals.
Tigers 63, Minnewaska Area 53
The Tigers pulled away from a stalemated halftime score to defeat Minnewaska Area on Tuesday, Feb. 17. That halftime stalemate was with 27-27 numbers. Coach Dale Henrich coaxed his determined Tigers to a 36-26 advantage in the second half. So, the final horn sounded at the Minnewaska gym with the score 63-53, MACA on top with its 13th win of the season.
It was an encouraging win when you consider Minnewaska's credentials. Even with the loss they sported a quite fine 14-9 record.
The Tigers had 68 field goal attempts compared to 43 by the Lakers. We made 22. In freethrows we were sharp with 16 of 23 numbers. The win was the Tigers' ninth straight in conference action.
Becca Holland made two 3-point shots. Lauren Reimers made one from long range. Reimers was the top MACA scorer with 13 points. Holland posted eleven points and Correy Hickman ten. Tracy Meichsner and Lacee Maanum each scored nine points. Kayla Pring contributed six points and Moira McNally five.
Reimers and Hickman each had three assists. Holland and Meichsner each had six steals.
Carley Stewart was 'Waska's stop scorer with 17 points. Bayley Pooler made three 3-pointers and finished with 15 points. She also had three assists and three steals. Ashlyn Guggisberg had nine points and Taylor Amundson eight. Makenzia Zemke and Emma Middendorf each had two points. Guggisberg, Stewart and Middendorf each had five rebounds.
Tigers 61, Paynesville 23
It was no contest as the Morris Area Chokio Alberta girls took charge against Paynesville. Eleven total Tigers scored points as MACA won 61-23. Our advantage was by 33-12 in the first half, 28-11 in the second.
The orange and black was a perfect eleven-for-eleven in freethrows. In field goals we made 23 of 54 attempts. Lacee Maanum and Tracy Meichsner each had five rebounds. Becca Holland sank a couple shots from three-point range.
Holland had the team-best 16 points on the night. Maanum scored seven points followed by three Tigers each with six: Lauren Reimers, Correy Hickman and Meichsner. These four Tigers each added four points to the winning mix: Piper Gibson, Moira McNally, Kayla Pring and Nicole Solvie. Liz Tiernan and Ashley Solvie each scored two points.
Paynesville made just nine field goals. Rebecca Jimenez made a three-pointer for the green. Kayla Schaefer put in ten points for the green. Katelyn Spanier finished with seven. Jimenez had those three points while Rian Lee had two and Taylor Burg one. Lee and Spanier each had seven rebounds.
The post-season must be getting close! Viva Morris Area Chokio Alberta boys and girls basketball, 2015!
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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