History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Friday, February 6, 2015

Boys come from behind to beat West Central Area

I'm Still Relevant dept: I encountered a friend at the Willie's deli this morning who said his wife brought up the subject of the Brian Williams controversy at NBC News. My friend's initial reaction was to wonder if his wife was talking about me.
MACA boys 49, WCA 46
Fans at the home gym got to see a come-from-behind flourish on Saturday, Jan. 31. Things looked bleak at various times. West Central Area carved out a lead in double digits during the first half. The score at halftime was 28-23, MACA trailing.
The Tigers surged in the second half, putting up 26 points compared to 18 by the visitor. Suspense reigned in the closing stages. A nifty jump shot by Jacob Zosel tied the score with 1:20 left to play. The clock showed less than 30 seconds when Eric Staebler sent the ball through the twine from the freethrow line. This point put the Tigers up. The orange and black won this Saturday showcase 49-46. We arrived at the ten-win plateau.
WCA is a smoothly humming unit that entered the day with 13 wins.
Freethrows were scant for the Tigers - we made four of nine. The field goal shooting numbers were 20 of 44. Staebler made two 3-pointers. So did Noah Grove. Zosel had one long-range success. Staebler went up to snare eleven rebounds. Zosel led in assists with six and in steals with five.
Staebler topped the scoring list with his 18 points. Zosel put in eleven, then we have Grove with eight, Riley Biesterfeld with six, Sean Amundson with four and Andrew Goulet with two.
Hunter Pfingsten and Devin Nelson each made two 3's for West Central Area. Nathan Wrolson made one '3'. Jay Zimmerman was WCA's top scorer with 17 points. Nelson scored ten points and Pfingsten nine. Also on the scoring list were Ben Anderson (4), Wrolson (3), Brady Sabolik (2) and Jordan Beuckens (1). Zimmerman had the team-best ten rebounds. Nelson dished out three assists.
Nothing brightens a mid-winter Saturday more than a hoops win, to be sure.
Tigers 58, Brooten-Belgrade-Elrosa 45
MACA achieved its win No. 11 on Tuesday, Feb. 3. The score was 58-45 as the Tigers improved to 11-8. The opponent was Brooten-Belgrade-Elrosa, at BBE. The Jaguars of BBE are paying some dues this season.
Eric Staebler was a monster force on the court, putting in 34 points. Morris Area Chokio Alberta had the horses to achieve a 30-19 lead at halftime. The Tigers went on cruise control for the second half, outscoring BBE 28-26. Our field goal shooting numbers were 22 of 57. The freethrow stats were nine of 14.
Noah Grove scored 14 points to complement Staebler's hefty stat. No other point totals were reported in the Willmar newspaper. The paper also did not report MACA data in three-point shots, rebounds, assists and steals.
Tanner Heinsius made two 3-pointers for the Jaguars. Jacob Tensen made one long-ranger. Neinsius was BBE's top scorer with 17 points. The list continues with Tensen (9), Austin Trustheim (6), Dalon Bitzan (4), Ryan Illies (4), Ryan Olmscheid (2) and Brendon Loch (2). Illies was BBE's top rebounder with eleven. Trustheim and Bitzan each had two steals.
The Tigers prevailed in this game of "cats!"
Girls basketball: Litchfield 75, Tigers 71
Lauren Reimers made five 3's but it wasn't enough. The Tigers shot with 55 percent success but it wasn't enough. The Dragons of Litchfield prevailed in this non-conference contest, 75-71.
We made 29 of 53 field goal attempts. We made all four of our freethrows. We outscored the Dragons 46-33 in the second half. But the hot-shooting Litch squad had asserted itself quite fine in first half play. Litch's first half advantage was by 42 to 25.
Macy Huhner poured in 28 points for the winning Dragons. Kyndra Beavers put in 16 points followed by Hannah Norlin and Mariah Hoff each with 14. Breanna Sittig and Hallie Euerle each scored two. Huhner was a terror from three-point range. She ascended to her team-best point total with seven 3's. Wow - quite the exhibition. Beavers and Hoff each made a pair of 3's. Huhner collected six rebounds and Euerle had five.
Both teams made an impression with 3-point shooting. Litch made eleven of 20 3-point attempts on their home court. The Tigers were in the groove too, sinking nine of 15 from beyond that arc. Reimers put on her own exhibition with those five 3's. Becca Holland made two 3's, and Correy Hickman and Tracy Meichsner each made one.
Reimers scored the team-best 24 points. Hickman found the range for 15 points and Holland put in 14. Tracy Meichsner's total was eight. Kayla Pring and Liz Tiernan each scored four points. Lacee Maanum added two points to the mix. Hickman led in rebounds with four.
Litch's 17-point halftime lead was just too much. Litch's 60 percent stat in shooting was another insurmountable factor.
Morris Area Chokio Alberta came out of this contest with a 9-8 record. Bring on the home stretch of the regular season!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com


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