History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sisseton shows steady "mo" in defeating Tigers

Morris Area Chokio Alberta was humbled on the basketball court Friday night (Jan. 6). The boys' story was a 60-40 setback at the hands of Sisseton SD. Sisseton asserted itself in the first half, gaining a 27-17 lead. Nothing changed in the second half as Sisseton outscored the Tigers 33-23. Sisseton had the momentum.
Just one Tiger reached double figures and just barely: Tim Travis with ten points. Jaret Johnson put in nine points. Then came Jacob Zosel whose total was eight. The rest of the list: Camden Arndt (5), Lukus Manska (3), Tate Nelson (2), Andrew Anderson (2) and Kyle Staebler (1). Travis connected once from three-point range. Zosel, Manska and Johnson each made one three-pointer.
Arndt and Travis each collected four rebounds. Zosel contributed three assists, and Nelson stole the ball twice.
Girls: Minnewaska Area 61, Tigers 47
Laker country of Minnewaska Area wasn't kind to our MACA girls hoops Tigers Friday, as we were dealt a 61-47 defeat. Carley Stewart brought a lot of cheers from her home crowd. This Laker made two 3-pointers as part of 24 points scored. Bayley Pooler made three 3-pointers for the "Waska cause, and Emma Thorfinnson like Stewart had two.
We were in the game at halftime as we trailed by just three points, 27-24. But 'Waska owned the second half with a 34-23 advantage.
Ellie Danielson put in 12 points for the Lakers. Pooler's output was eleven. Taylor Amundson and Thorfinnson each had six points, and Ashlyn Guggisberg scored two. Stewart led in rebounds as well as in scoring. In rebounds her stat was eight, and she was followed by Danielson and Abby VerStteg each with five. Stewart led in assists and was co-leader in steals, so she deserved quite the praise over her caliber of play. She had five assists followed by VerSteeg with four. She along with Guggisberg and Bailey Stewart all had two steals.
The Solvie girls for MACA each scored eleven points: Ashley and Nicole. Riley Decker followed with ten points. Then came Correy Hickman (5), Maddie Carrington (4), Malory Anderson (4) and Jenna Howden (2). Decker made two 3-pointers and Hickman made one.
Howden snared eight rebounds and Anderson collected seven. Hickman led in assists with four. Carrington and Hickman each had two steals.
An area newspaper folds
Years ago the Herman and Hoffman communities each had its own little newspaper. I remember what each looked like. Those were nice little papers but they reached the end of the road. A newspaper was created that aimed to serve both communities, even though it seemed they shared few interests. The paper sustained itself for a time. I was skeptical what kind of footing it would achieve, so sure enough it has now been absorbed by the Grant County Herald.
The Morris senior center got a complimentary copy of the new paper last week. I'm not sure Elbow Lake shares a lot of interests with Herman and Hoffman. Yet in theory, the new paper is going to serve these disparate small-ish towns. Small they are, nevertheless the Grant County Herald by itself showed vitality that seemed superior to the paper in Morris. To examine it, you'd assume that Elbow Lake was a more thriving and prosperous community than Morris. But Elbow Lake has no assets comparable to our UMM.
The Morris paper has gone through steady steps of downsizing, especially since I left the staff. It would have been painful to try to stay there. It was getting painful as it was. The Morris paper staff has taken over the full operation of the Hancock paper, and the Hancock office was taken out of Hancock, moved into Morris, several years ago.
You'd have to speculate that the Hancock paper will eventually just be absorbed into the Morris paper, perhaps with a "Hancock page." It was my understanding that Hancock had to have a stand-alone paper in order to be in the "Peach" advertising group. But things may have changed in the last ten years. Could the Peach and Canary merge?
The Canary has had some very small issues lately, as small as 12 pages. Maybe those big auto dealers are adjusting to a more online-oriented world. It looks like Jim Gesswein hasn't gotten the memo yet. We have been showered by those big car dealer ads through the years. Morris lost a major dealer: Morris Auto Plaza.
I personally don't see how the Grant County paper can keep going as good as it is. It has a full staff with lots of specialization. I just can't see it.
Most of us are relying less on papers as time goes by, slowly so we're hardly aware of it. We much prefer our new world. We are empowered. Frankly we don't need those old media "gatekeepers," people who decide what we should be reading. We control our own world, and it's vastly preferable even if those gatekeepers are well-intentioned. The Grant County Herald is well-intentioned.
But I'll repeat: I just can't see it.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com


  1. would not be surprised to see the morris s-t (Hancock record-chokio review)in the future

  2. the morris paper is somewhat hypocritical too big headline few wks ago urging people to shop locally but in reality the weekly ads tell people to go shop in alex

  3. so why did ed sell the paper to the fargo forum rather than keep it in the family & turn over operations to his family?