History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tigers shine at SCSU field, topping Albany 36-16

MACA athletics is quite the attraction for the 2016 fall. Football and volleyball have vanquished one opponent after another. I'm writing this on Saturday morning, a day that will see volleyball in action for another post-season chapter. Meanwhile, football forges ahead, fresh from a Friday triumph. Our Tigers played at St. Cloud State (SCSU). The stadium is right next to the Mississippi River.
The Tigers were true to form Friday, relying much on runningback Jacob Zosel but also striking with a limited but precise passing attack. Quarterback Toby Sayles tried just three passes and completed all three in this 36-16 win. His passes gained 39 yards and he threw no interceptions.
We got our first score via the pass: Sayles passed ten yards to Camden Arndt to get the orange and black going. Our foe on this day: Albany, the Huskies. Dylan Gillespie threw to Chase Metzger for two points on the conversion. We were on our way. We scored eight points each in the first and second quarters while shutting down the Huskies.
The passing game also produced our second touchdown. And again it was Sayles passing the football to Arndt, this time covering 16 yards en route to six. Sayles threw again on the conversion, successfully, with Rohloff gathering in the ball. So the Tigers were up 16-0 at halftime.
We outscored the Huskies 14-8 in the third quarter. Sayles took off for a 43-yard scoring run. He carried the football for our next score: a run from the eight. Jacob Zosel carried for two on the conversion. Albany got on the board with a six-yard run. Alex Wolf carried the ball on that play and also carried for two on the conversion. It was ditto for Albany's second TD as Wolf carried again, from the four, and found the end zone again on the conversion.
The Tigers thrilled with a kickoff return that produced our last score. It was Metzger off to the races, bringing fans to their feet. Fans got back on I-94 for the trip home, most satisfied with this 36-16 win. It was our tenth triumph of the season against one loss.
What's next? It's the Class AAA quarter-finals. Now our foe will be Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton. The site will be closer this time: Alexandria. You know the route to Alex: it's the same route you probably take to do a lot of your shopping, thanks to that heap of Alexandria-oriented advertising circulars that comes with the Morris paper each week. That is, if you still see the Morris paper each week, which many people don't.
You'll have to wait until next Saturday to see a print review of the Albany game in the Morris paper. Isn't that a little crazy? We will have played our next game.
Albany ends its season with a 7-4 record.
Zosel put up fine ballcarrying stats again Friday. His 22 carries netted 147 yards. Sayles' numbers were 13 carries, 75 yards. Ryan Dietz got ten handoffs and gained 33 yards. Connor Koebernick added six yards to the mix. Arndt caught two passes for 26 yards, and Metzger made one grab for 13.
Albany's Alex Wolf rushed for 105 yards on 20 carries. Ethan Hylla had eleven carries for 63 yards. Devin Wenning and Carter Huberty each rushed for 29 yards. Hylla was four of eight in passing for 37 yards, zero interceptions.
Kickoff time for the D-G-F game will be 7 p.m. Friday in Alexandria. D-G-F climbed with a 31-20 win over Pequot Lakes in the Section 3AAA finals in Fargo. At present - Saturday morning - our focus is shifting from the gridiron to the volleyball court. Now we'll see if the very exciting MACA volleyball team can climb another rung on the post-season ladder. I'm betting they will. I'm almost getting exhausted as a writer, keeping up with all this success. A little extra coffee will get me through, plus the sheer excitement of following these teams.
Dude, where's my car?
We were at a main street restaurant last night (Friday) when a friend of ours, a popular and well-known person in Morris, approached us with quite the air of consternation. Think you've got problems? This friend came to the diner for a mere cup of coffee, and when he leaves he discovers his car is gone! He had left his keys in the car, quite the no-no. Now we know, lest there by any doubt, why the law encourages taking your keys!
This incident did not appear criminal in intent: it appears someone who owned an identical car left the restaurant, got in the wrong car and drove off. Not to sound pejorative, but that individual may have been an elderly man seen in the restaurant. Will he soon discover the mix-up? What if he doesn't? A couple cops came in the restaurant to consult with my friend, whose name I won't type here to save him embarrassment which could be considerable.
I sat there feeling so thankful I had no immediate crisis with which to deal. My biggest problem was discovering that the salad bar was out of pudding. I approached the waitress and she corrected this problem. Maybe I could have been arrested for driving under the influence of chocolate pudding. It was nice to see our police dong something useful and important.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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