History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carrington sisters lead MACA cross country in WCC

It's great to see Maddie Carrington in top health again. I know she's had some injury issues. But wait, there are two Carringtons excelling in the cross country universe! Let's introduce Meredith who is reaching great heights in cross country too. The fleet Carringtons were standouts in the West Central Conference meet.
Competition was at a golf course with the "Meadowlark" name. That's heartwarming for me because I remember when the meadowlark with its distinctive song was a common bird around Morris. I can't remember the last time I saw (or heard) one. I'd be thrilled to hear one again. The Meadowlark Golf Course is in Melrose. The Tigers made the trip east on I-94 Tuesday.
Maddie Carrington won the WCC race with her time of 20:23.0. Meredith Carrington placed second, clocked at 20:24.0. We had the champion girls team. I remember covering Anna Carrington in the 1980s - her battles with rival Heather Van Norman at the elite level. Laura is looking down from heaven with great approval. I'll have a chance to congratulate Tom at DeToy's Restaurant, maybe even this morning (Thursday). Tom and I are early risers.
Malory Anderson of the Tigers placed seventh with her time of 21:47.0. Madelyn Siegel was No. 11 to the finish chute with her time of 21:58.0. Kylie Raths came through at 22:32.0, good for 15th. Our championship showing was among five teams. Sauk Centre was the runner-up team.
The MACA boys placed third, led by Solomon Johnson who placed sixth with his time of 17:40.0. Noah Stewart was No. 7, timed at 17:44.0. Tate Nelson was the No. 10 performer with his time of 18:04.0. Tyler Reimers was No. 20, timed at 18:49.0, and Connor Koser was No. 26 with his time of 19:35.0.
was the champion boys team followed by Montevideo. The top male runner was Kurt TeBeest of Montevideo, timed at 17:10.0.
Volleyball: Tigers 3, BOLD 0
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta volleyball team put an exclamation point on their regular season with a sweep win on the road. The 3-0 win came with scores of 25-13, 25-16 and 25-20. It was win No. 21 for coach Kristi Fehr's high-flying squad.
Sweeps have been a habit for the Tigers. Now they'll be tested in post-season play. We've had the pleasure of following a state-recognized unit. Is the best to come? We'll see. We made state last season. Hopes are just as high now.
Click on the link below to view some video highlights of Tiger volleyball. This link is on the MACA volleyball page of Maxpreps. Check out that site from time to time, for all MACA sports.
MACA played BOLD at Olivia on Tuesday night. Brooke Gillespie and Jenna Larson each batted two serving aces. Karly Fehr had a set assist total of 35. Larsen and Riley Decker were handy for some setting work too.
Gillespie and Jenna Howden were a 1-2 punch in hitting with 16 and 15 kills, respectively. The Solvie girls had impact in hitting, Ashley with eight kills and Nicole with five. Karly Fehr contributed two kills. Ashley Solvie executed two ace blocks and Howden had one.
Decker was very busy in digs as is her habit, chalking up 15 in this win. Gillespie dug up the ball 13 times. Bailey Marty had eight digs followed by Larsen and Fehr with six each. Howden performed five digs.
BOLD's Taylor Sagedahl had one serving ace. Makayla Snow had ten assists for the host team. In hitting it was Makenna Steffel with nine kills. Steffel had seven ace blocks. Sagedahl and Elsa Skeie each had eleven digs.
Football: Tigers 51, Montevideo 0
At the top of page B2 in the Thursday Willmar newspaper is the banner headline: "Vikings' Bradford returns to Philadelphia." Who cares? The media keep feeding this beast called big-time football. It has to end sometime. TV ratings are way down for NFL football. We must pray this trend continues. This sport is an abomination from a health standpoint.
I don't know how many fans turned out for the high school game played at our lavish Big Cat Stadium Wednesday. I would hope people are turning away from football. But, a winning team is hard to resist for supporting. So I suppose our fandom was buoyed indeed. America is all about winners. Winning justifies anything.
The Wednesday game was what members of my generation used to call "the MEA week game." The teachers unions would gather in the Twin Cities and plot ways to screw local school districts, I guess. Meanwhile our sports teams would play mid-week games as a means of accommodating the teachers.
It was a boring game Wednesday. Yes, we scored lots of points. But there was no suspense. I would be there to take photos but I have to go digital. All my old very expensive equipment is basically worthless now.
The Tigers wrapped up the regular season with a record of 7-1, the only loss coming at the hands of BOLD. Will the Tigers be the "bold" team in the post-season? We'll see. Monte has had a sub-.500 season.
I'm wondering if a disparity is developing among high school teams, with the "rich" having their artificial turf fields, and the "poor" being those communities that have the old-fashioned humble grass facilities and basic bleachers. Frankly I have always enjoyed the latter. People have more freedom to move around. Games at our old Coombe Field were great for having people in their little social clusters, with many fans barely paying attention to the game. Remember the "senior couches?"
The Tigers steamrolled the Thunder Hawks Wednesday. We led 25-0 at the end of the first quarter. Yawn. Jacob Zosel scored the first touchdown on a 65-yard run. Jared Rohloff caught a 22-yard pass from Toby Sayles for TD No. 2.
Zosel had a three-yard scamper for our third score. Eli Grove kicked the point-after. Sayles brought a wave of cheers with his 70-yard run that pushed us up further on the scoreboard. Sayles passed 69 yards to Camden Arndt for another score, as the rout grew. Sayles was on the money again for a 43-yard scoring hookup that had Arndt on the receiving end.
The Willmar paper reported that "Diego" scored our next touchdown, but I'm quite certain that's a first name. Why not use the last name? I did a check and I can report that the last name is "Arreguin." So, Diego Arreguin scored a TD on a run from the two. Was the Willmar paper confused because this is an ethic name? Joel Ruiz scored our last touchdown of the night: a 36-yard run for six. Zach Hughes kicked the point-after. The final score: 51-0.
The stats show Zosel with another monster night: 171 rushing yards on 21 carries. Sayles surpassed 100 yards on his mere seven carries. Our passing game leaped forward considerably from past performances. Sayles was super with his four-for-five numbers and 152 yards, no interceptions. Our top receiver was Camden Arndt: 112 yards on just two catches!
On the defensive side, Brenden Goulet had two interceptions. Fumble recoveries were turned in by Mitch Dufault and Diego Arreguin. Ryan Dietz sacked the quarterback twice.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota -bwilly73@yahoo.com

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