History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Monday, September 12, 2016

Jacob Zosel scores four straight TDs in 33-13 win

Once again it was Big Cat Field providing the splendid backdrop for prep football Friday. This time it was the Falcons of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City as the visitor. I was a high school classmate of Jeff Tanner who has been a long-time stalwart in ACGC athletics.
The MACA formula for success was most basic on Friday. It was "run the football." More specifically: get the ball in Jacob Zosel's hands. Zosel is starting to give the impression he can carry the Tigers on his shoulders. He scored the Tigers' first touchdown on a 47-yard run. The TD got the orange and black going en route to another pleasing victory. The score this time: 33-13.
Zosel carried the football 39 times for 257 yards. Ryan Dietz had 15 carries of the football for 48 yards. Three other Tigers racked up rushing yards in this crowd-pleasing MACA win: Connor Koebernick (13 yards on five carries), Toby Sayles (20 yards on two carries) and Chase Metzger (nine yards on two carries).
The passing game has sure not taken its place in the MACA offense. Will that be developed? We'll see. Both in the opener vs. West Central Area and in Game 2 vs. ACGC, passing didn't amount to much. Against ACGC we had zippo yards in passing. At least there were no interceptions, unlike in the opener. So, we don't have to review receiving stats!
Dietz was alert to pounce on a fumble. He had five solo tackles and two assists. Zosel put up the same 5/2 defensive numbers. Sayles had three solos and two assists. Hunter Gades came through with two solos/four assists. Koebernick delivered at 2/3. Zosel attacked attacked the quarterback to get two sacks. Tim Travis and Paul Hockert each had one sack. The Tigers lost one fumble.
Two ACGC Falcons each rushed for 47 yards: Jeremy Nelson and Michael Trebil. Jaren Kaddatz rushed for 20 yards. Kaddatz was one of two Falcons throwing passes. He gained 35 yards with his passes, while teammate Miahcel Trebil completed seven of 14 pass attempts for 69 yards with no interceptions. Ryan Molinaro had three catches for 33 yards. Ryan Amdahl made two catches for 41 yards.
The Tigers may have dominated this game but it was ACGC scoring first: Jeremy Nelson ran the ball in from 16. Then came Zosel's 47-yard scamper for six. The conversion play saw Dylan Gillespie pass successfully to Jared Rohloff. The Zosel show then took over. The marquee Tiger scored touchdowns from the seven, one and four. The PAT kick tries were no-go on these scores. Then it was Sayles getting the ball into the end zone on a run from the 18. Eli Grove kicked the point-after.
ACGC got its consolation score on a pass from Michael Trebil to Ryan Amdahl, and the kick was good.
Four straight TDs by Zosel! Opponents are going to have to try to devise ways to at least slow down the marquee Tiger.
Our next opponent is Benson. This will be our first road test, 7 p.m. Friday. We're 2-0!

Volleyball keeps dominant flair
The Morris Area Chokio Alberta volleyball team zipped through another winning week, not only winning but showing dominance on the court. The dominance was shown sweep-style just like in Week 1. Might the state tournament be in the cards for coach Kristi Fehr's team again? That's a long way off, but MACA stock is definitely high.
Last week the 3-0 successes were versus the Braves of Benson and the Falcons of ACGC. The most recent match was the ACGC one, Thursday (9/8) at home, so we'll start our summary there.
Tigers 3, ACGC 0
It is necessary to use first names with the "Fehr" last name. In addition to coach Kristi, who I worked with (as a media person) when she coached the Hancock Owls, we have Karly and Cassidy as players. Karly raced all over the court with precision Thursday, putting up 37 set assists in the sweep over Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City. Jenna Larsen contributed two assists.
Game scores were 25-16, 25-17 and 25-11.
Ashley Solvie pounded two serving aces at the Falcons. Riley Decker and Koral Tolifson each added a serving ace to the mix. The crowd-pleasing department of hitting saw Jenna Howden at the fore with 13 kills. Also producing double digits was Ashley Solvie with ten kills.
Brooke Gillespie went up to execute eight kills, while Nicole Solvie had six and Jenna Larsen one. Ace blocks were produced by Ashley Solvie (3), Brooke Gillespie (2), Karly Fehr (1), Jenna Howden (1) and Nicole Solvie (1). Gillespie and Decker led in digs with ten each. Karly Fehr had six digs and Cassidy Fehr had five.
The week concluded with our orange and black crew having strung together four straight sweep wins. Look for a very enthused fan turnout for every MACA home match!
Tigers 3, Benson 0
Brooke Gillespie was "in the zone" in the Tuesday (9/6) road volleyball affair vs. the Braves of Benson. Gillespie and Jenna Howden each pounded down six kills, helping fuel this night of dominance for the orange and black. Gillespie also had impact in serving and digs in this WCC affair. Ashley Solvie pounded down five kills. Then the list has Karly Fehr and Nicole Solvie each with four, followed by Jenna Larsen (3) and Bailey Marty (1). 
The ace block category had Ashley Solvie standing out with three. Howden and Nicole Solvie each added one ace block to the mix. Gillespie, Decker and Cassidy Fehr led in digs with ten, eight and six, respectively.
MACA displayed sizzling serves, getting numerous aces vs. the beleaguered Braves. This list is topped by Gillespie with four, while Tolifson recorded three aces and the Fehr girls - Karly and Cassidy - each had two. And Ashley Solvie had two aces as well! Riley Decker produced a serving ace. Karly Fehr greased the wheels with 21 set assists.
For Benson, Sophie Ascheman had a serving ace. Courtney McNeill led Benson in assists with ten while Kaitlyn Knutson came through with six. Amanda Nissen paced the Braves in kills with five. Megan Amundson and Presley Gonnerman each had three kills. Victoria Pagel had three ace blocks. Amundson and Nissen each had nine digs.
If you're thinking I forgot to report the scores, here they are: 25-12, 25-9 and 25-9.
- Brian Williams - morris mn Minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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