History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Tigers' balance too much for BOLD, Steffel

Tigers 60, BOLD 46
The MACA girls performed smoothly on the Olivia court, downing the BOLD Warriors. This December 8 girls hoops contest ended with a score of 60-46. The winning Tigers seemed to have things wrapped up by halftime: a score of 42-19. The win was our second of the season, against two losses. BOLD was left still in search of its first win.
BOLD's Makenna Steffel was actually game-high in scoring with her 25 points. Her teammates had modest point totals. Steffel scored her 25 points with just one three-point make. Peyton Weis also had a '3' for the host Warriors.
Meanwhile the Tigers did quite fine in the long-range department. Riley Decker and Correy Hickman each made two 3's. Becca Holland and Karly Fehr each made one from beyond the three-point arc.
The Tigers came at BOLD with balanced scoring. The charge was led by Nicole Solvie and her 16 points. Hickman produced 14 points, Decker 12 and Holland 11. Fehr added three points to the mix while Jenna Howden and Ashley Solvie each added two. Steffel had eleven rebounds for BOLD and she also stole the ball four times.
Minnewaska 55, Tigers 43
The Tigers slipped below .500 with a Thursday (12/10) loss on the road to Minnewaska Area. The Lakers won by a 55-43 score in this conference contest in Laker country.
Carley Stewart was an obstacle for coach Dale Henrich's Tigers. Stewart poured in 19 points, snared eight rebounds and had three steals. She was joined in the 'Waska scoring list by Taylor Amundson (9), Shelby Pfannenstein (8), Ashlyn Guggisberg (6), Bailey Stewart (5), Abby VerSteeg (4), Anna Vold (2) and Emma Middendorf (2). Carley Stewart fueled the 'Waska "mo" with four 3-pointers. Guggisberg made three long-rangers, Pfannenstein two and Amundson one.
Middendorf collected nine rebounds to top that list. Guggisberg had five assists and VerSteeg four.
On to the MACA data: Correy Hickman topped our scoring list with 12 points, then came Ashley Solvie with eleven. Becca Holland contributed nine points to the effort. Riley Decker supplied five points, Nicole Solvie four and Moira McNally two. Decker and Holland each made a 3-pointer.
The Lakers built a 24-20 halftime lead. Morris Area Chokio Alberta came out of the night with a 2-3 overall record, 1-1 in conference. The Lakers climbed to 3-1 and to 1-0 in league.
New London-Spicer 61, Tigers 38
The Tigers were humbled on the home court in Saturday (12/5) action. It's always challenging to be competitive against the vaunted New London-Spicer Wildcats. The hoops tradition there appears not to be missing a beat. The December 5 game ended with the Wildcats savoring a 61-38 win. The halftime score was 39-15.
The Willmar newspaper used the term "blowout." In my corporate media career, I found that "blowout" was a little blunt and coarse for the high school level: it seemed to demean the losing team.
Here's how the individual scoring broke down for coach Dale Henrich's Tigers: Ashley Solvie (9), Moira McNally (8), Becca Holland (7), Liz Dietz (5), Correy Hickman (4), Nicole Solvie (3) and Riley Decker (2). Holland made a three-pointer.
Hickman was team-best in rebounds with seven followed by McNally and Holland each with five. Decker had four assists and Hickman three. Hickman had two steals.
New London-Spicer had an attack with three individuals reaching double figures: Shea Oman (15), Megan Thorson (12) and Erin Tebben (10). The list continues with Alyssa Fredrick (9), Mariah Adams (5), Brooke Beuning (5), Lindsay Vagle (3) and Morgan Swenson (2). Oman and Fredrick each zeroed in from three-point range to make three shots. Adams, Beuning and Vagle each made a long-ranger. Tebben worked the boards to collect 12 rebounds. Thorson paced the Wildcats in assists with six.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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