History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

12-1 win vs. Monte highlights recent MACA baseball

Tigers 12, Montevideo 1
The Tigers outhit Montevideo 14-6 in taking game 1 of a doubleheader played on May 8. The Tigers committed no errors compared to three by Montevideo. These strong suits added up to a 12-1 win over the Thunder Hawks.
A ten-run first inning really sealed the deal. How overpowering was that rally? Coach Mark Torgerson had to smile as he watched his athletes connect for five doubles and a triple! Most memorable.
Boxscore data: Nate Anderson socked three hits in four at-bats with two of those hits doubles. Nate scored three runs and drove in one. Noah Grove had a two-for-four line and he, too, had two doubles in the mix. Noah crossed home plate three times and drove in two runs.
Brady Jergenson joined the parade with three hits in four at-bats. Brady doubled and drove in two runs. Nic Solvie went two-for-three with two RBIs. Sean Amundson socked a triple and drove in two runs. Toby Sayles had a hit and an RBI. Will Hoslien had a hit in his only at-bat. Mitch Torgerson joined the attack at one-for-three.
Zac Enevoldsen led Monte with a two-for-two line including a double, and he drove in a run. These Thunder Hawks each had one hit: Adam Kilibarda, Andrew Peters, Connor Kontz and Christian Kanten.
The game was limited to five innings. Brady Jergenson pitched all five of those innings. He struck out three batters, walked one and gave up six hits. Tristan Weber took the loss for Montevideo.
Montevideo 6, Tigers 5
Montevideo righted its ship for game 2, coming through with a 6-5 win over our Tigers. The game was tied 3-3 after four innings, then Monte produced a decisive three-run rally in the fifth. Monte outhit the Tigers 13-10.
The T-Hawks had to overcome four errors but the Tigers had even more lapses, committing six.
Zac Enevoldsen turned in a route-going performance as Monte's pitcher. He survived ten hits yielded. He struck out three batters and walked one. For MACA, Jergenson, having pitched just those five innings in game 1, had the ball handed to him again for game 2. It didn't go well as he gave up seven hits in three innings. He struck out three batters and walked two. Sean Amundson and Trent Marty also pitched.
Toby Sayles and Nic Solvie each had two hits, and Solvie drove in a run. Noah Grove and Marty each connected for a double. Amundson and Nate Anderson each went one-for-four. Jergenson had a hit and an RBI. Phil Anderson had a hit and a run scored.
Enevoldsen and Adam Kilibarda were at the fore of Monte's hitting, each with three hits. Enevoldsen socked two doubles and scored two runs. Kilibarda scored two runs and drove in two. Andrew Peters doubled as part of a two-for-four line, and drove in a run. Connor Kontz doubled. These T-Hawks also hit safely: Markus Kranz, Tristan Weber, Garrett Christianson and Jack Carruth.
Doubleheader: defeat vs. 'Waska
In a disappointing day for Tiger baseball, Morris Area Chokio Alberta was dealt defeat in two games on Tuesday, May 12.
MACA managed just one run in the two games, so let's give credit to the Minnewaska Area pitching. In game 1 it was Riley Thompson who stymied the Tigers. Thompson struck out seven batters, walked one and allowed just one hit in his seven innings. That one hit was by Riley Biesterfeld. These Lakers each had one hit: Michael Gruber, Thompson, Matt McIver and Matt Paulson. Jon Nygaard drew three walks and drove in a run. Toby Sayles took the pitching loss.
The game 1 final score was 5-0.
Then in game 2, 'Waska got the upper hand 6-1. Austin VerSteeg was showcased on the pitching mound for 'Waska, and he was overpowering much of the time: 12 strikeouts. He walked just one batter and gave up two hits. Noah Grove was the losing pitcher.
The two MACA hits were by Brady Jergenson and Nic Solvie. Jergenson scored a run, and Solvie had an RBI. For 'Waska, VerSteeg had a double and triple in three at-bats, and his RBI harvest was a whopping six. Matt Paulson had a hit and a run scored. Each team had one error.
I'm typing this on a very rainy Thursday. Back when I was in high school music, there was a jazz band chart that was played all over the country, called "Here's That Rainy Day." I didn't really think it was that good. It seemed that certain charts just got "in vogue" among high school and college jazz bands. We just had to play them. We tended to be called "stage bands" then, not "jazz bands," because the word jazz, I guess had shady connotations or something. We got over that. Serious jazz education was just getting going in the mid-1970s. I wonder if at present it's losing some steam. Maybe we're heading back to the more disciplined and structured model for music, as the old UMM men's chorus exemplified. Wouldn't it be neat to see that come back.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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