History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MAHACA wrestling triumphs vs. Paynesville & Benson

The MAHS gym was showcased for wrestling on Thursday, Jan. 16. The Tigers of MAHACA not only showcased their facility in a classy way, they won. They turned back Paynesville and Benson.
Tigers 37, Paynesville 29
Both teams were on a roll entering this dual. Each had won four straight. Something had to give. It was the Tigers coming out on top vs. the Bulldogs. The key individuals were Gage Wevley and Jacob Sperr. Wevley vies at 195 pounds and Sperr at 285. Both won by fall and considerably fueled the winning surge.
Reminder: "MAHACA" stands for "Morris Area Hancock Chokio Alberta." I personally wish the program would just adopt the "Morris" or "Morris Area" name. In the meantime, fans apparently pronounce the acronym phonetically: "ma-HA-ca." OK.
Matt Munstermen vied for "ma-HA-ca" at 106 pounds and he won by fall over Shawn Rue, time of :44. Ben Koehl was on the short end at 113 pounds vs. Eric Slanquist, by decision, 14-8. Jared Rohloff at 120 pounds also found victory elusive as he dropped a hard-fought 9-8 decision to Jared Kunstleben. Mitchel Ascheman at 126 pounds won by major decision over Jonathan Schaeffer, 15-5.
Travis Ostby, the 132-pounder, won by fall over Connor Meagher, time of 1:05. Dillan Johnson of the Tigers, 138 pounds, pinned Nick Gabrielson in a time of :35. Myles Smith vied for the Tigers at 145 and this Tiger decisioned Andrew Kerzman 7-0. Jerid Berning of the Tigers was on the short end via major decision against Devin Meagher, 16-2.
Devin Robertson at 160 lost by fall in 1:17 to Bulldog Jacob Mages. Danny Tracy was on the short end via fall (:43) against Anthony Wendlandt. Jordan Thooft at 182 was decisioned by Michael Ludwig, score of 9-3. Gage Wevley came on strong as the Tigiers' 195-pounder, pinning Cody Hunt in :53.
Alec Gausman was the Tigers' 220-pounder and he bowed in a 14-2 major decision to Derek Ludwig. Jacob Sperr was the MAHACA "big guy" at 285 pounds, and he pinned Mitchell Floura in a time of 1:22.
MAHACA 52, Benson 15
The Tigers had an aggressive stance on the mat vs. the Braves of Benson. They won by fall often in this decisive triumph vs. an old rival. They also took charge from the get-go, shooting out to a 31-0 lead. Five Tigers won by fall. There are 14 weight classes.
Matt Munsterman at 106 pounds won by a 5-1 decision over Jared Knutson. Ben Koehl at 113 pounds was one of those fall victors, getting Wyatt McGee's shoulders pinned to the mat in 0:17. Jared Rohloff at 120 pounds won by a 17-3 major decision over Ethan Lagge. Mitchell Ascheman carried the banner at 126 pounds and this Tiger edged Lane Guyer in a 7-6 decision.
Travis Ostby came on strong at 132 pounds, winning by fall over Aaron Zosel in 2:20. It was Dillan Johnson getting the job done at 138 pounds, turning back Brave Grant Ascheman in a 7-6 decision. Myles Smith of the Tigers pinned Dan Lenarz in a swift 0:32. Jerid Berning, 152 pounds, was on the short end by fall against Bryce Goff, time of 1:58.
Danny Tracy (160) tasted defeat against Mitch Koosman of the Braves, via a 10-4 decision. Steven Koehl of the Tigers, 170 pounds, won by fall over Matt Wieber, time of 1:44. Jordan Thooft (182) was a decision winner over Trevor Berreau, 10-5.
At 195 pounds, R.J. Hogrefe of Benson won by forfeit. (I'm a little surprised by this, because people have told me MAHACA is blessed by really good numbers.)
Alec Gausman of the Tigers won by fall over Dakota Watkins at 220 pounds, time of 1:45. Jacob Sperr pinned Ross Grussing at 285 pounds, time of 0:13.
Disappointing news
The word is, Trent Oberg is returning to the Morris Area school faculty after an extended leave. I am disappointed to hear that, as I found him to be a rather unpleasant person to work with, when he was the gymnastics coach and I was with the newspaper. I felt he had a sullen personality. The school district had a chance to at least try to terminate him once, and I wish they would have at least tried.
Fun news
John Wayne strutted into the saloon as "J.B. Books" and said, "Today is my birthday, give me the best you've got." Well today, January 28, is my birthday. I'm 59 years old. I'm drifting in life and I'm just taking one day at a time.
It's fun to write about Tiger wrestling again. I fondly remember the Al Hendrickson era of the sport here. He took a lot of kids who might be ruffians and shaped them up. (A lot of them were still ruffians.) Dave Holman dutifully took photos for the slide show, back before anyone heard of powerpoint, digital cameras or laptops. No, we didn't wear high-button shoes.
Mysterious news
The travails of our high school principal haven't yet made the Star Tribune newspaper. What's up? My theory is that the paper, perhaps as a matter of policy, is waiting for a plea in this legal situation. I have read that the plea was initially deferred.
What an unnecessary crisis to have befallen our local school. If people are going to socialize, why cannot this be done without alcohol? Why not just meet at the Old No. 1, order a nice meal and have a Pepsi? I'm just asking. Maybe I'm a prude. If I was so smart, I'd still be working for the newspaper.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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