History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

3 Tigers nail at least ten kills in sweep over YME

MACA volleyball soared with its success early in the week (Homecoming week) only to get humbled in its Thursday home match.
First the soaring: The Tigers swept Yellow Medicine East Tuesday at YME. Scores were 25-11, 25-17 and 25-16. On Thursday the Tigers were swept by the Braves of Benson with scores of 23-25, 23-25 and 15-25.
Tigers 3, YME 0
The Tigers executed smoothly on the Sting's court, continuing an impressive stretch in the 2012 slate. The Sting weren't sure who was going to deliver the next kill at them. MACA had a balanced stance in that department as three individuals performed at least ten.
Sydney Engebretson is always a Tiger to watch in hitting. She came at the Sting with 23 good hits in 24 attempts and 12 kills. Then we have Paige Schieler with 22-for-23 numbers and eleven kills. Tiger No. 3 with at least ten kills was MicKenley Nagel, who incidentally is Homecoming queen - congratulations - and she had 15 good in 15 attempts with ten kills. Nicole Strobel had her moments at the net, pounding down four kills while posting eleven good in 14 attempts. Katie Holzheimer was a perfect seven-for-seven with two kills.
Aggressiveness at the net was shown in blocking too. Engebretson and Strobel each went up to perform two ace blocks. Nagel and Holzheimer each had one.
Mikeala Henrichs led again in digs with her 19 followed by Engebretson with ten and Holland with six. Holzheimer and Chelsey Ehleringer were the workhorses in setting. Holzheimer contributed 18 set assists while having 32 good in 34 attempts. Ehleringer dashed around to deftly execute 12 assists while going 35-for-38. Kayla Pring went three-for-three with one assist.
On to serving: Holzheimer and Engebretson each came through with two serving aces. Holzheimer had eleven good serves in 13 attempts, and Engebretson posted 11-for-12 numbers. Ehleringer let fly with one ace serve while going 14-for-14. Beth Holland went 19-for-19 with no aces.
YME was led by Chyanne Sand who pounded down eleven kills and collected four ace blocks.
Benson 3, Tigers 0
The Tigers drifted back down to earth as they struggled in facing the Benson Braves Thursday. Emma Peterson was a big force for Benson. She produced 18 kills and five ace serves in her team's sweep.
The loss didn't put that much of a blemish on the Tigers' record. They conclude Homecoming week with quite fine W/L numbers of 13-7 overall and 6-3 in conference. It's just unfortunate that a sweep loss happened for Homecoming week. The match was played a day after the powder puff football game.
Benson now has a 9-9 overall record and 5-4 showing in conference. Beth Erhardt made her presence felt on the court for the Braves. She pounded four kills and went up for four ace blocks. Bri Staton produced five kills.
For the Tigers, Paige Schieler was a force with 15 kills and 49-for-56 numbers in hitting. Sydney Engebretson had nine kills and went 34-for-37. Nicole Strobel and MicKenley Nagel each had four kills. Strobel had 12 good in 15 attempts and Nagel went 13-for-13. Chelsey Ehleringer had five good, five attempts and one kill.
Engebretson had an ace block. Henrichs set the pace in digs with her 28, and Ehleringer executed well in that department too with 19. Holzheimer and Ehleringer scurried about to set the ball in an effective way. Ehleringer led in set assists with 14 while going 73-for-74 in good/attempts. Holzheimer produced 12 assists while going 53-for-54. Nagel came through with an assist.
The Tigers could have used a little more powerful serving. They had just one serving ace and it was by Strobel who was seven-for-ten. Holzheimer and Ehleringer both went nine-for-nine.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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