History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
The UMM men's chorus opened the Minnesota Day program at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (Century 21 Exposition).

Friday, September 7, 2012

MACA girls looking to get into the groove at home

The road has been a friendlier place than home thus far for the Morris Area Chokio Alberta volleyball Tigers. The Tigers returned to the home floor Thursday (9/6) fresh from a road win over Benson, and struggled. They were dealt a 0-3 loss.
Lexi Amundson had 16 kills for the surging Minnewaska Area Lakers. Ashton Byrne kept the attacking well-oiled for 'Waska, performing 27 set assists. Scores in this West Central Conference match were 14-25, 22-25 and 16-25. The Tigers are in the WCC-South while 'Waska is in the North.
Amundson was proficient as well as powerful. Her good/attempts numbers in hitting were 24-27. Ariel Ostrander pounded down ten kills and Sydney Joos contributed nine for the visitor. Ostrander went up for three solo blocks.
Paige Schieler of the Tigers had a team-best four kills and was 21 of 29 in good/attempts. Sydney Engebretson was busy hitting and posted 25 good in 29 attempts and three kills. MicKenley Nagel had three kills too and finished with 14 good in 17 attempts. Nicole Strobel came through with a kill.
Nagel went up for two ace blocks. Mikaela Henrichs topped the dig list with 12 followed by Hunter Mundal with ten. Katie Holzheimer was a perfect 51-for-51 in setting with seven assists. Chelsey Ehleringer was busy and proficient as a setter too, posting three assists. The Tigers had trouble notching serve aces. Sadie Fischer had the only one and she went six of nine in good/attempts.
MACA 3, Benson 1
The Tigers and Braves split the first two games after which MACA took over to put the Tuesday match in the win column. Morris Area Chokio Alberta defeated Benson 3-1.
The Tigers were striving to put their opener loss (to BBE) behind them. That loss was dealt 0-3.
Tuesday brought far more positive indications for what lies ahead in the unfolding season. Benson hosted the Tuesday, 9/4, affair. MACA began strong with a 25-20 win, after which the Braves got untracked to take the second game 25-21. Now it's a best-of-three match. The orange and black cause prevailed with scores of 25-20 and 25-23.
The Tigers attacked with a balanced look across the front line. The kill leaders were Paige Schieler (7), MicKenley Nagel (5), Nicole Strobel (4) and Sydney Engebretson (4). Schieler had 26 good in 31 attempts, and Engebretson posted 27 good in 33 attempts. Beth Holland had a kill in her only attempt.
Holzheimer and Nagel got into position for four solo blocks each. Authoritative play at the net was an underpinning for MACA to get this win.
Sadie Fischer, Mikaela Henrichs and Holzheimer each had two ace serves. Fischer was the busiest Tiger at the serving line with 18 good in 19 attempts. Henrichs was 12-for-14 and Holzheimer 15-for-16. Other serve aces were turned in by Beth Holland (who had eight good serves in as many attempts), Sydney Engebretson (nine good, ten attempts) and Kayla Pring (16 good, 16 attempts).
Holzheimer seemed all over the court with her play as she recorded 65 good sets in 67 attempts with nine assists. Her work in that department was complemented by Chelsey Ehleringer (29 good, 31 attempts, five assists) and Kayla Pring (18-for-18 and nine assists). Henrichs set the pace in digs with 25 followed by Holzheimer with 13 and Engebretson with 12.
The Tigers had to overcome the talents of Braves Emma Peterson and Alexa Nissen. Peterson came at the Tigers with 19 kills and 30 digs. Nissen set with proficiency, posting 28 set assists.
BBE 3, Tigers 0
The Tigers debuted with some amount of struggling as they couldn't keep pace with the Taylor Braegelman-led BBE Jaguars. The tough challenge of that night (8/30) was no surprise as BBE began the season ranked No. 7 in Minnesota Class 1A.
The home fans were disappointed as MACA was on the losing end of a sweep. Scores were 19-25, 21-25 and 19-25. Braegelman came at the Tigers with 12 kills. Other standouts for the visiting Jaguars included Becca Gruber and Brittany Roelike.
Sydney Engebretson showed poise at the net for MACA, pounding down eight kills while achieving 19 good in 30 attempts in hitting. Nicole Strobel and MicKenley Nagel each posted three kills. Three Tigers each had two kills: Paige Schieler, Holzheimer and Kayla Pring.
Holzheimer raced around the court to record 41 good in 41 attempts in setting with 12 assists. Chelsey Ehleringer was an able hand in setting too with 30 good in 33 attempts and two assists.
Three Tigers each had one ace block: Engebretson, Schieler and Strobel. Henrichs was the standout in digs where she's looked to for leadership. On this night she had 21. Holzheimer had seven digs, Engebretson six and Holland and Ehleringer five each. The serving department showed Holzheimer with an aggressive stance as she put in four aces. She had eight good in ten attempts. Mikaela Henrichs had eight good serves in nine attempts with one ace. Sadie Fischer put down an ace while having six good in eight attempts.
Brooten-Belgrade-Elrosa is a formidable unit indeed.
Good luck to the Tigers as we march into the remainder of the September slate.
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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