History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Two runs in ninth spell win for Eagles, hurler Vien

Eagles 5, Dumont 4
The Region 9C playoffs began unfolding in a most upbeat way for our Morris nine. Playing at Rosen - where is Rosen? - our Morris town team edged the Dumont Saints in a very dramatic way. The Eagles plated two runs in the bottom of the ninth to edge Dumont 5-4.
It's odd to see Colton Vien's name in the Eagles boxscore. but this is what happens in the post-season: "Draftees" come on board. Pitcher Vien who is typically a rival of Morris is on board, and he pitched the full nine in the win. The Thunder Hawk (from Montevideo) struck out three batters. He walked three and gave up six hits and four runs (two earned).
Vien had a spell of trouble in the sixth but he survived that. Not only did he survive, he clamped down to retire the final nine consecutive Dumont batters. He retired to the dugout after the top of the ninth knowing his mates would have to rally to come from behind. Rally they did.
Jamie Van Kempen got things going by drawing a walk. Leadoff batter Tanner Picht got ahold of a Saint delivery and drove the ball off the wall in left. (That's an opposite field hit for the lefty batting Picht.) Team spokesman Matthew Carrington noted that the left field fence is 15 feet high there. Picht got parked at second  base.
There were no outs and Eagles perched at second and third. Then the bases became loaded thanks to an intentional walk to Kirby Marquart. Now the batter is Ryan Beyer. Beyer too was able to toss his bat aside and trot over to first on a walk. but this was an unintentional walk. The score is tied!
Vien is probably at the edge of his dugout seat at this point. Eric Asche now waves his bat in the batters box, eager to see if he can get this game over. He got ahold of a Saint delivery and sent the ball out to deep center field. The winning run scored easily.
Let's backtrack to game's start and review the other Morris scoring. Carrington picked up an RBI on a ground ball scoring Picht in the first. Dumont gained the lead 2-1 in the second, but that lead was short-lived as Morris rallied in the third. Kirby Marquart singled and Ryan Beyer took advantage of an error to reach. Marquart would score on a mishandled ball by the third baseman. Carrington hit a liner to center that got Beyer in via sacrifice. So the Eagles now lead 3-2.
Vien eventually had that shaky sixth inning in which he had control difficulties for a spell. Walks haunted him as Dumont was able to capitalize with two singles. Morris is now down 4-3 and would need that clutch rally in the bottom of the ninth. In the meantime, Thunder Hawk Vien became rock-solid with his pitching.
The Morris line score was five runs, eight hits and three errors. Dumont also had three errors.
Six Eagles had hits in the boxscore led by Picht and Marquart each with two. Carrington was tops in RBIs with two, and Picht led in runs scored with two. Picht had a stolen base.
All in all it was a savory win for our Motown crew and would set the stage for more success the next day, again in Rosen.
Coming up: Eagles vs. Madison at 1 p.m. Saturday, 8/11, in Ortonville. An August drive to Ortonville is pleasant. I used to go there for the Corn Fest 10K run back when my body cooperated with such things!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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