History-making music group for UMM - morris mn

History-making music group for UMM - morris mn
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jake Torgerson tosses seven-inning perfecto

Mac Beyer bats for Morris Area Chokio Alberta.
Baseball: Tigers 4, ACGC 0
21 batters up, 21 batters down. That's what happens when a prep pitcher throws a perfect game. High school games are seven innings in length.
MACA Tiger Jacob Torgerson accomplished the rare and unforgettable feat on Thursday, May 17. Let history record that Jacob stunned ACGC by pitching this perfecto in a 4-0 Tiger win on the road (Grove City). Not only was Jacob's pitching perfect, the Tigers committed no errors. Their line score shows them with five hits. Coach Mark Torgerson must surely have been beaming at game's end.
The ACGC coach is Jeff Tanner, Morris native and 1973 graduate of Morris High School. (Yours truly was a classmate.)
Jeff commented post-game that he had never before been involved in a perfect game. He'd much prefer being on the winning end.
Jacob set down seven Falcon batters on strikes. He's a Morris Area Chokio Alberta junior.
It has been several years since the previous perfect game in this part of the state. Ben Ruter tossed one for MACCRAY in 2007. There should be an asterisk though, because that game lasted just five innings. The opposing team was Minneota.
ACGC committed two errors Thursday. The ACGC pitching was divided between David Kinzler and Trever Heining. Kinzler took the loss with his 4 1/3 inning stint.
We can assume Jacob Torgerson walked no one because this would be required in a perfect game. Actually the same could be said regarding errors, even though this is something the pitcher has no control over. What if a batter should reach on an error and then be erased on a double play? Would it still be a perfect game? I'd have to ask coach Torgerson.
The Tigers scored one run in the fourth inning and three in the fifth.
Tom Holland had a solid day hitting, going two-for-four including a double, and driving in a run. Tanner Picht drove in a run as part of his one-for-two afternoon. Tyler Henrichs went one-for-three with a run-batted-in, and Sam Mattson was a perfect one-for-one.
The Tigers upped their record to 11-6. 
Softball: Tigers 4, New London-Spicer 1
Non-conference action was upbeat for the Morris Area Chokio Alberta softball Tigers on Thursday (5/17).
McKenzie VanBatavia picked up another pitching win, and MACA climbed to 14-3 in won-lost. It was a road game with New London-Spicer as the opponent. The final score: 4-1.
New London-Spicer had nothing but zeroes on the scoreboard until the seventh. Meanwhile coach Mary Holmberg's Tigers plated one run each in the second and third innings, and added their other two in the top of the seventh.
The MACA line score was four runs, seven hits and one error. NL-S put up 1-7-4 numbers. Note the four Wildcat errors.
Offensively Steph Hennen shone for the winning Tigers. Her bat resonated with a triple. She crossed home plate twice and drove in a run.
Jaimie Bergerson wielded a hot bat and was a perfect three-for-three. Sadie Fischer went one-for-four and drove in a run. Brooke Johnson had one hit in two at-bats with an RBI. Holly Amundson finished one-for-four.
Brianna Fredrich of the Wildcats wasn't mystified by the MACA pitching and went three-for-four with a double and RBI. But on the whole, the Tigers showed the superior caliber of play.
VanBatavia pitched for five innings and struck out five batters while walking two, and allowing five hits and no runs. She got spelled by Brianna Abril who fanned two batters and walked none in her two innings.
Amanda Radel pitched the whole way for the Wildcats.
We're getting ever closer to the post-season!
- Brian Williams - morris mn minnesota - bwilly73@yahoo.com

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